state of the software testing profession

[Infographic] The State of the Software Testing Profession 2015-2016

Summarizing and Reflecting on the 2015-2016 “State of the Software Testing Profession” Report by TechWell…

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[Ebook] A Complete Introduction to Functional Test Automation

Our guide to everything you need to know before getting started with functional test automation: Introduction…

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optimize test coverage featured image

How to optimize test coverage in the long-term

We want to test as much code as humanly (or mechanically) possible right? Yes and…

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guide for agile testing star wars

Yoda’s ‘The Way of the Jedi Tester’: A Guide for Agile Testing

Yoda’s Software Testing Principles for Thriving in an Agile Environment Did you know there’s more…

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avoid false positives flase negatives test automation

How to avoid false positives and false negatives in test automation

When dealing with automation, one of its most delicate subjects is the results that lie,…

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White Paper: 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Outsourcing Software Testing

  Outsourcing Software Testing Do’s and Don’ts With software testing accounting for 35% of IT…

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9 New Year Resolutions Every Software Tester Should Have for 2016

New year, new you! Isn’t that what they all say? Well, here are some software…

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Validating Modified Data in Test Automation

The importance of validating modified data in automation In test automation of any kind, we…

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The 4 Most Common Test Automation Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

 “Less than half of the IT projects worldwide are successful partly because of inefficient testing…

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Automation pyramid

Best Testing Practices for Agile Teams: The Automation Pyramid

Test automation and agile software development go hand in hand, but automating is often easier…

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They Say Automation Increases Test Coverage, But What is Test Coverage Exactly?

Recently, I posted a blog about the ROI of test automation and its benefits. I…

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Automation Development

How To Plan Test Case Automation with Development

The goal of this post is to show a possible way you can plan test…

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