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What does the Trump administration mean for outsourcing QA?

It would be an understatement to say that the Trump administration’s mission is to “shake…

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salute to 2016 blog post

A Salute to 2016 and Toast to 2017

Several of you reading this may be anxious to leave 2016 in the past and…

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trick rather than treat users

4 Ways You Might Trick Rather Than Treat Your Users

Halloween is creeping up on us yet again. It’s a night for scares, candy, tricks,…

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the life of a software tester

The Life of a Software Tester

Happy Day of the Software Tester! Every September 9th is a day that reminds us…

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Companies Testers Should Follow on Linkedin

10 Groups and Companies Testers Should Follow on Linkedin

Getting in the know on Linkedin Are you a tester on Linkedin? We all know…

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To reopen, or not to reopen, that is the question

Recently, we published a blog post about a possible bug life cycle for which we…

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30 Days of Testing Challenge Reflection

#30DaysofTesting As I announced a month ago, our testers joined in on the challenge 30…

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managing exploratory testing

Managing Exploratory Testing Project

Discovering a methodology and creating a tool to take advantage of this underutilized testing approach…

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Creating Testers Through Four Different Education Strategies

This article was first published by Test Huddle on June 14th, 2016. Companies consume talent…

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30 Day Testing Challenge

The Ministry of Testing has called all testers to take a 30 day testing challenge….

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state of the software testing profession

[Infographic] The State of the Software Testing Profession 2015-2016

Summarizing and Reflecting on the 2015-2016 “State of the Software Testing Profession” Report by TechWell…

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The Most Common Mistake in the Bug Life Cycle

The bug (or creature on Earth for that matter) with one of the shortest life…

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