Abstracta has strong experience in ensuring quality control within financial systems. Our dedicated Financial Services team has a long track record of developing methodologies and tools (both our own and third parties’), which both increase productivity while simultaneously reducing risks and costs.

Abstracta is the perfect choice for your quality assurance partner to ensure that your systems are reliable, leaving you free to focus on running your business.


Internet Banking is the fastest growing channel in the Financial Services sector.  This growth, combined with the increased importance of providing access via mobile devices, makes it imperative to find the right strategic partner for quality assurance.

Abstracta provides a range of services and tools to suit your needs and ensure that you take on these new challenges with maximum confidence, making us your ideal strategic partner.

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We helped one of the World’s largest international banking groups:


Ramp up the amount of virtual users supported from 2800 to 7000 in an hour without degradation.

Reduce response times by 80%.

Increase the number of concurrent users by 60% without the need for additional hardware.

Perf Engineering

Functional Testing

Important functionalities such as Salary Payments, Supplier Payments, Transfers between Accounts and System Logins simply cannot be allowed to fail. Failure transmits insecurity that may not only be grounds for a customer’s decision to change to another institution, but also knocks your employees’ confidence.

Ensure your Internet Banking System performs in line with your quality expectations by using Abstracta’s Financial Services team to carry out functional testing, prior to the launch of any new product, service or update.  We will save you time, expense and resources.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Automate your functional tests, to improve your testing processes, with the support of Abstracta’s dedicated team of automation specialists. Automating your testing not only reduces the time to project completion and going live, it also cuts costs and gives you the best chance of a successful launch.

Performance Testing

In addition to ensuring that system functionality is optimized, it is equally important to verify that the system can handle your peak concurrent user load. Running performance tests enables you to gather the information you need to understand and mitigate the risks related to poor system performance before you go to market.

Heightened volumes of internet traffic at certain peak periods can have a direct effect on the efficiency of your whole system – meaning that highly critical functionalities, such as making Salary Payments (that need to be completed at specified times), can be at risk of failure.

Abstracta’s dedicated Performance Testers use specific tools to simulate volumes of user traffic, pushing your applications to their limits (and exceeding them!), allowing us to improve your system, all within a controlled environment. These tools work equally well in testing your Internet Banking system as your Core Banking System – for example, to simulate ATM transactions or credit card payments.

Our Global Clients

Just some of the international clients in the Financial Services sector for whom we
have successfully implemented Testing Services:

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