Abstracta is focused on ensuring quality assurance for Healthcare providers. Our dedicated Healthcare team has extensive experience across a range of methodologies and tools (both our own and third parties’) which both increase productivity while simultaneously reducing risks and costs.

Abstracta is the perfect choice for your quality assurance partner to ensure that your systems are reliable, leaving you free to focus on running your business.


New standards in maintaining Electronic Health Records (EHR) mean that IT is now incorporated at the heart of all healthcare activity. This means that a health record has moved from simply being a record of the information generated between a patient and a healthcare professional or center, to being a critical part of an integrated clinical information system. With the appropriate safeguards in place, EHRs can now be accessible in all situations where clinical care is required (emergencies, primary care, specialty care, hospital admissions and others).


The EHR technology stack requires a high degree of specialization within your quality assurance team. Among the myriad of products and specialized health protocols available, Mirth Connect specialized middleware as well as the HL7, CDA and EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) protocols all stand out as being key developments. Abstracta has experience in using and designing specific monitoring tools across all these technologies.

In order to maintain and provide support to these systems, it is essential to have a strategic Quality Assurance partner.

Abstracta provides a range of services and tools to suit your needs and ensure that you take on these new challenges with maximum confidence, making us your ideal strategic partner.

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In our first month of working with the leading healthcare provider in Peru, Abstracta:


Improved database response times by more than 8 times.

Reduced consumption of server application resources by over 35%.

Reduced daily maintenance costs by over 20%.

Perf Engineering

Functional Testing

Assuring yourself of the quality of an EHR system before the go-live and during subsequent updates is essential when dealing with such critical software.

Abstracta’s dedicated Healthcare functional testing team will save you time, expenses and valuable resources. We can create testing tools that are tailored to your system’s platform (Mobile, Web, Win32, etc) and our depth of experience enables us to verify the fidelity of your most important system features, as well as manage the key standards used in the Healthcare sector (HL7, DICOM and OpenEHR, among others).

Abstracta is your ideal strategic partner for quality assurance, as we’re able to work alongside your end-users (doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals) and deal with your training, management and test execution requirements.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Within critical systems such as EHR, it is essential to have the broadest possible test coverage.

Automating your testing not only reduces the time to project completion and going live, it also cuts costs and gives you the best chance of a successful launch.


Performance Testing

In addition to ensuring that system functionality is optimized, it is equally important to verify that the system can handle your peak concurrent user load.

Running performance tests enables you to gather the information you need to understand and mitigate the risks related to poor system performance before you go to market. Abstracta’s dedicated Performance Testers have extensive experience in employing tools, such as ESB Mirth, the leading interface engine for HL7.


System Monitoring

Using the right monitoring tools for different applications, servers and networks and following a proven methodology enable Abstracta’s teams to identify where problems exist, understand how to fix them and ascertain the right investments to make in system architecture.

Our team leaders will recommend how you can best incorporate the right tools to control and maximize the performance of your hardware. In this way, you will be able to identify exactly what quality of service you are providing to your users, as well as anticipate any potential problems that may lie ahead. Taking a proactive approach to identifying and resolving any issues that may exist, in systems as sensitive as EHR systems, is critical to ensuring their long-term stability.

Our Global Clients

Just some of the international clients in the healthcare sector for whom we
have successfully implemented Testing Services:

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