Abstracta has a decade’s worth of experience working with technology companies and solution providers. We understand the challenges you face and can provide the extra capacity you need, to move forward faster, while still maintaining the level of quality that your customers expect.


We are comfortable working in traditional software development environments, as well as with Agile and hybrid Agile/Waterfall approaches.

Abstracta is the perfect quality assurance partner to ensure that your applications perform as intended and as promised.


Our secure, Latin American-based Testing Centre of Excellence offers you an outstanding, Nearshore partnership opportunity.

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We helped the leading software development platform across
the whole of Latin America:


Reduce by over 50% the time it was spending on designing and maintaining regression tests using GXTest (a proprietary test automation tool).

Perf Engineering

Functional Testing

1- Assure the quality of your applications, by performing black-box or white-box testing against specified application functionalities.


Our dedicated Technology team has extensive experience in employing leading methodologies and tools, both our own and third parties’, to increase productivity while simultaneously reducing risks and costs.

Test Automation

Test Automation

2- Automate your functional tests to improve your testing processes with the support of a team of automation specialists.


Automating your testing not only reduces the time to project completion and going live, it also cuts costs and gives you the best chance of a successful launch.


Performance Testing

3- In addition to ensuring that system functionality is optimized, it is equally important to verify that the system can handle your peak concurrent user load.


Running performance tests enables you to gather the information you need to understand and mitigate the risks related to poor system performance before you go to market.

Abstracta’s dedicated Performance Testers use specific tools to simulate volumes of user traffic, pushing your applications to their limits (and exceeding them!), allowing us to improve your system, all within a controlled environment.

Our Global Clients

Just some of the international clients in the healthcare sector for whom we
have successfully implemented Testing Services:

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