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Monkop’s cloud-based Android app testing tool provides you with real performance analysis using real mobile devices. Android developers and testers enjoy using Monkop for troubleshooting bugs and highlighting quality issues in their applications, because Monkop not only identifies areas for improvement, but it also suggests solutions.

Monkop gives you maximum confidence when launching your app and the best possible chance of avoiding bad ratings in the marketplace



GXTest is an automation tool for functional testing. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily and quickly automate test cases that evolve during application development. Some key features include:

-Multiplatform – GXTest lets you run test cases in different environments, for example .Net and Java, and other DBMS, such as SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

-Simple to Use – GXTest allows the graphical construction of test cases, without the need to use new programming languages or complex mechanisms.

-Web Interface – GXTest can run tests over Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, in order to cover different environments.

-More coverage – GXTest enables you to run more tests in less time than a human tester could. Plus, testers can design and implement more complex tests or test functionality that has not been previously tested.

-Documented tests – GXTest gives you the results of its executions: what was tested and with what data, so developers can easily reproduce a bug and know exactly during which build the bug was introduced.

-Easily repeatable – GXTest allows you to make changes, either within your infrastructure or even within the application, and to re-test quickly.

-Higher productivity – regression tests have zero costs. The tester can focus on designing more complex test cases or testing new features.


Open Source

Open Source Abstracta has always been a significant and consistent contributor to the Open Source community. We believe in the Open Source movement and we try to do our part to give back. Many of the best tools in the industry are Open Source but no software project is ever truly “completed”.

When we find ways to improve the Open Source tools that are available, we build a strong track record of enhancing their speed, accuracy and feature-set for the benefit of our clients (and the community!).

Open Source Tools


Some of the tools we have developed that can be find in our Github account are:

– DB Monitor: runs SQL queries to a database, parses the results and refreshes charts with those results.

– WMI Monitor: command line, API, and GUI application to read/write/execute WMI Objects.

– ReplaceAll: .NET command line tool that allows replacing text in a file line by line. Very useful for changing log file format.

– Access Log Analyzer: .NET Tool to parse an access Log file to create a txt report. Command line and GUI modes. Used in combination with “ReplaceAll” tool.

– Script Generator: .NET Tool used to create OpenSTA script or JMeter script from Fiddler sessions.

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OpenSTA: Simulation web tool used for performance testing.

This tool allows you to simulate hundreds of concurrent users on the application with fewer resources than any other load generation tool. It requires 10 times less resources for the same number of virtual users than JMeter. Moreover, it is compatible with Amazon EC2.

Abstracta released this tool with some improvements:

– Support includes from Windows 2000 up to Windows 8 – Support for Windows Server

– Variables sizes increased up to 512KB.

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WatiN: The most robust tool to automate testing by writing scripts in Net.

Abstracta collaborated with development enabling compatibility with Firefox.

To use version 2.* with Firefox, it is necessary to have JSSH, an outdated product that was re-developed on new technologies using MozRepl. Download the new version of our plug-in JSSH-MozRepl.

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CTWeb: Allows you to design the minimum set of tests required to obtain an adequate level of coverage using well studied state machines techniques and data merge peer.

This free, web-accessed tool provides several algorithms with different levels of performance. Abstracta has the source code and we have collaborated with its development.

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We helped the leading software development platform

across the whole of Latin America:


Reduce by over 50% the time it was spending on designing and maintaining regression tests using GXTest (a proprietary test automation tool).

Popular Tools

We analyze your needs and help you select the right tool for testing. Some of the tools that we use include:

Apache JMeter


JMeter is a tool for simulating concurrent users for performance testing. Very flexible and easily extendable to support almost any protocol. Jmeter is particularly useful for testing the performance of specific protocols such as JDBC drivers, LDAP, JMS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and FTP (unlike OpenSTA that only supports HTTP/S).



Testlink is probably one of the most popular test management tools in the Open Source environment. Testlink allows you to manage requirements, test cases and results in a simple way. It also allows you to optimize testing team times and control your progress and test coverage. Testlink is integrated with incident management tools like Mantis Bug Tracker.



Selenium is the most popular tool used for automated web testing. It has a very large community of users and works across many contexts. As a robust and scalable tool, it can run tests in a distributed manner.



Fiddler is a very easy-to-use http proxy that captures and analyzes http traffic web applications, whether they are accessed from a browser, from an application, or from a mobile device. It is flexible, easily extensible, using JavaScript or C #. Abstracta has a proud record of developing extensions to generate scripts in JMeter and OpenSTA for performance testing.


Visual Studio – UI test

UI Test is a tool that allows you to record and playback tests on Win systems, developed on the NET framework.



Mantis is probably one of the most used Open Source issue trackers. It is very robust, easy to use, performant, and presents workflows that are easily adaptable to customer needs.



PageSpeed is a tool that quickly and automatically analyzes the performance of a client side web application, detecting configurations that are usually performed at an application server level. PageSpeed was created in accordance with performance best practices.



SoapUI is a powerful tool that supports all standards in SOAP and REST. SoapUI allows you to run test cases for web services easily, by providing a friendly interface, which is suitable even for functional experts without any programming knowledge.

Monitoring tools

– Java: JConsole, JVisaulVM, JProfiler, JMap, IBM Heap Analyzer, IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector, Hprof, IBM Tivoli

– .NET: JetBrains Dot Profiler, NT Performance Monitor, IIS Access Log

–  DBMS: SQL Profiler, iSeries Navigator, Stats Pack, SQL Server, Oracle Enterprise Manager, TOAD

– HDD: IO Meter