Test Automation

Abstracta’s test automation specialists will identify and implement the optimum automation tools for your business improving the quality, effectiveness and maintainability of your tests.  More efficient testing means lower costs and improved test accuracy.

For example, test automation reduces time dedicated to regression testing by over 50%, meaning:

Shorter time to market.
Reduced costs.
Increased customer satisfaction.


Continuous Testing

Abstracta’s testing maturity assessment will help you quickly identify where your QA stands today and what activities you need to do to achieve the goal of testing maturity, enhancing your technology and processes.

Testing is starting to be done by developers more frequently. QA professionals are still doing manual work, but they’re trying to automate the process as well.  Challenge for Testers: not just to be a good tester but also be able to engineer the process and take advantage of advanced automation practices.


Selenium Test Automation

Selenium allows testers to automate their test actions in a web browser and save them as automated tests that can be replayed throughout the development process.  In addition, because Selenium is open source, it has both unlimited reach and unlimited capabilities: in other words, it’s fully modifiable.

Abstracta’s expert engineers have created our own framework on top of Selenium and not only is this framework pretty large, it’s also pretty smart.  We also customize our framework for each of our clients, providing you with your own tailored Selenium solution that you can maintain and use according to your needs.


JMeter Performance Testing

Jmeter is a widely-used, open source tool that we use to perform load and stress testing on your web application environment. A highly flexible and scaleable tool, its reporting suite gives you a wide range of simple to use reports.

Since 2007, our performance engineers have been extending Jmeter’s capabilities and building tools to enhance and complement it, so when you work with Abstracta, you don’t just get Jmeter, you get Jmeter “Plus”. Some examples of the work that we’ve done include a Jmeter automated script generator, created from Fiddler sessions and our integration between Jmeter and Testlink.


Mobile Test Automation

77% of consumers have concerns about mobile app performance … and 50% of consumers will delete a mobile app if they find a single bug  -SmartBear

Monkop is a leading mobile “Tuning Advisor” and provides unique data insights about performance and security across a wide range of mobile devices.

Monkop’s device lab contains a huge range of representative brands, OS versions, screen sizes and configurations. This ability to test native & hybrid mobile apps across the widest possible range of iOS, Android and Windows configurations enables you to take your app to market with maximum confidence. Throughout the test automation process, Monkop measures each key indicator, gathering accurate information about performance, vulnerabilities and app behavior, that can then be analyzed by Monkop’s tuning engine.

Our mobile test automators use Monkop to help you drive Continuous Quality Improvement in mobile development, eliminating bugs and speeding up delivery. Not only that, we can also customize tools to suit your specific needs.

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We helped the leading software development platform across
the whole of Latin America:


Reduce by over 50% the time it was spending designing and maintaining regression tests using GXTest (Abstracta’s proprietary test automation tool).

Why Choose Abstracta?


Our team of highly experienced and skilled testers can help you test the performance of your websites, APIs and mobile apps.


We are experts when it comes to selecting the right testing tools for your requirements.

Design tools-01

If for whatever reason, standard testing tools aren’t appropriate for your situation, we have the skills either to modify them or to design custom testing tools, just for you.

Abstracta‘s Approach to Test Automation

Test Automation

Help with automated test scripts

If you’re struggling to maintain your Selenium test suites, or have automated tests that seem to run intermittently no matter what you do, our expert automation engineers can help you get your automation on track. We can provide the level of support you need, from helping with an immediate issue to optimizing test scripts.


Put testing experts on your team

Our highly-skilled and experienced nearshore testing resources are available to work alongside your existing team of testers and can assist with everything from test case creation to ongoing testing.


Flexible staffing

Additionally, you can take advantage of our flexible staffing approach, so that your in-house teams focus their expertise on critical, high-priority testing; while our cost-efficient staff can take care of your day-to-day automation and reporting requirements.