Testing Services

Abstracta has a very broad range and depth of testing experience and expertise, to assist you with every stage of the development and operational process.  Whatever system you’re running, we can work with you to optimize its performance.

Perf Engineering

Functional Testing

Our expert testers are adept at analyzing your system to identify the right strategy to ensure the quality of your system and help you in making decisions for release version and/or resources investment. Our functional testing will ensure that you receive clear reports, save costs and reduce risks, and make sure your applications are working according to your needs.


Mobile Testing

Our mobile testers help you drive Continuous Quality Improvement in mobile development, eliminating bugs and speeding up delivery.

We identify and use the right testing tools for your applications, including Appium and Monkop. Not only that, we can also customize tools to suit your specific needs and lab test your apps across more than 50 different mobile devices.

Being able to test native & hybrid mobile apps across the widest possible range of iOS, Android and Windows configurations enables you to take your app to market with confidence.

We are partners of world leaders in mobile testing platforms and tools. All our clients have the opportunity to get to use their tools and try their services: Experitest and Applause.


Security Testing

Our security experts help you prevent attacks and control your internal security through ethical hacking. Count on the support of CISA certified professionals in analysis, risk management and implementation of standards and security policies.


Usability Testing

Identify you user’s main problems, errors and frustrations while interacting with your design in one-on-one sessions with users trying to complete key tasks for your digital project success.


We helped one of the World’s largest international banking groups:


Ramp up the amount of virtual users supported from 2800 to 7000 in an hour without degradation.

Reduce response times by 80%.

Increased the number of concurrent users by 60% without the need for additional hardware.

Why Choose Abstracta?


Our service delivery team is comprised of experienced QA specialists, skilled in the leading state-of-the-art QA technologies and techniques.


We educate our clients so they can be self-sufficient or we will execute QA activities for them, providing a specialized, reliable, high-quality, sophisticated alternative to in-house QA.


Our testing services help minimize risk, improve time to market, optimize ROI and ensure the scalability and reliability of IT systems.

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Abstracta’s Approach



We analyze the balance between manual and automated testing. For instance, which areas can be tested automatically and which need to be tested manually, always trying to maximize the use of automation.


Involves test definition, automation, infrastructure configuration and test execution.

Tool Selection & Strategy

We evaluate which is the best tool to use for testing. This involves carefully analyzing the effort and costs involved in developing a custom-made testing tool, weighing the benefits it brings and its usage in the long-term.

Reporting & Monitoring

We generate reports, suggest improvements in the short, medium and long term regarding tuning, configuration, platform parameterization, architecture re-sizing and programming optimization.